The L & PCC is the oldest collie club in England. It caters for all Collie lovers in the London and South-East area although members come, and are welcome, from all over the British Isles and indeed the world. Our shows are particularly noted for their friendly atmosphere where Specials are on offer to VHC in every class for both Roughs and Smooths. There are many lovely trophies on offer to fully paid members to include winners of every class.
Membership fees: Single £3; Joint £4.50; Junior £1.25.
All enquiries to Hon. Secretary Mr Tony Foster
email tony@switchelectricalservices.co.uk



Charts the history of the oldest Rough & Smooth Collie Club in England. From the first advertisement for "The Proposed new collie club for London", to the Club's classes at Crufts, the revival of dog showing after the Second World War, the boom years of the 1980's [348 dogs at one show!], right up to date with pictures and profiles of the CC winners from the 2005 Championship Show. Numbered copies will be available from the Club stand at the shows this year or Diana Madge 01621 743483. Cost £15.00 including £1 donation to Collie Rescue [Rough & Smooth].

The London & Provincial Collie Club – A Brief History.

In the early years of the last century a group of southern collie enthusiasts felt that the there was a need for a London based collie club to serve the needs of the local breeding and show folk and also to encourage new people into the breed. In 1906 a meeting was held at the White Hart Hotel, Tottenham Court Road. The advertisement encouraged all interested parties to attend as ‘the business is most important’. So the London & Provincial Collie Club was born.

From the start the Club was very active with well attended monthly matches and usually two shows a year. Some years the Club had special members’ only classes at Crufts, which was also held in London at the time.

In common with most London based canine clubs the L&PCC stopped holding shows during both world wars. During the years between the wars it was business as usual, including the Crufts classes. After the Second World War the Club struggled to get going again and the membership had to wait until 1951 for the first show to be organised. During the mid 1950’s two of the main stalwarts of the Club, Mr F Bristow and Mr RH Roberts died and a new committee was formed.
During the history of the Club, many successful, well known collie folk have served on the committee and the list of BIS winners reflects the history of Rough and Smooth Collies. Kennels such as Porchester, Ashtead, Westcarrs and Laund laid the foundations of our breeds during the first half of the twentieth century and all had wins at the Club’s shows. Since the 1950’s the Club’s fortunes have followed the fashions with highs and lows to match. Championship show status has been granted, taken away and granted again and the highest entry was 388 dogs in 1990. 

More recently the Club faced is biggest challenge when errors were noticed in the accounts. In 2004 the Honorary Treasurer was voted out and the matter investigated. It was found that there was less than £50 in the bank. The person responsible was convicted of false accounting and theft but the true extent of the Club’s losses was never identified or recovered. 
Today the Club is stronger than ever, a lot better off and ready to welcome the well known and successful to the shows, together with the novices and small breeders it was set up to encourage.

The full history together with results from the last hundred years is in the London & Provincial Collie Club’s Centenary Handbook 1906 – 2006, available from the Club’s shows or Diana Madge on 01621 743483. Price £15 + postage, includes £1 donation to Collie Rescue (Rough & Smooth).


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