The Secretary

Miss Di Collino

Parting Articile, Tony Foster
Secretary of the London & Provincial Collie Club
February 2004- February 2014

It has been a real honor to serve this wonderful old club as their Secretary.  Although a rocky start with the state of the club accounts, which has been well documented in the past, the rest of the time has been very rewarding for me.

One of the main highlights was opening the Championship Show in 2006, this was our centenary show, and I felt very proud to be at the helm that day.  We had a special souvenir catalogue printed for the big day, along with a celebration cake and drinks for all the exhibitors.

The reinstatement of the August Open Show was another high point for me; I still think that this has to be the best Breed Club shows around; this has been proved with the attendances the club gets every year.

On the lighter side of things I remember one particular Championship Show when one of the committee’s cars broke down; they had all the mats and cups.  Working as a team another committee member managed to pick up a couple of mats on the way to the show, I announced we had limited mats and no cups, everybody was OK about this and the show went very well, with no complaints.  I think it’s how you handle situations like that; you cannot help cars breaking down.
I could go on with many stories about my time as Secretary, look out for the book!

Over the last ten years many committee members have come and gone, they have all helped to make my life as Secretary easier; I have always said you are only as good as the people around you.  That is why this club is the best known to me; the current committee is very pro active towards keeping the club where it is now.  I know they will give the same support to the new Secretary Miss Di Collino and the London & Provincial Collie Club will continue to prosper. Over to you Di!

Finally, thank you to all the members for your continuous support for the Club and me.

I will serve you all as a ‘Committee Member’ for the foreseeable future.

God Bless.

Tony Foster.


I have had the honour of being Secretary of the oldest Rough Collie club in England since 2004. The start was somewhat rocky to say the least, due to unauthorised use of the club funds by a previous Treasurer, who was later given a criminal record by the courts of this land.

When I took over the club had a bank balance of less than £100.

The club had to tread very carefully over the next couple of years; we ran successful shows and finally built a reasonable bank balance.


Although I have owned dogs all my life, I remember my parents buying a puppy when I first started school, yes I can recall that far back? I have been showing dogs along with Diana (Madge) for the last eighteen years. Now as Secretary I feel that I am giving something back to the animals that have given me so much pleasure throughout my life.


Dog showing is and always will be a hobby and I think we should all enjoy our time at shows. I along with the committee try and make this happen at our shows, we are always getting positive comments on how friendly our shows are, with committee members always there to give a hand.


In 2006 the club had been in existence for 100 years, and we made our Championship Show the celebration event. I felt very proud that day opening the show and giving a short speech. We offered drinks and cake to all present on the day and everybody had a good time.


The current climate has seen entries drop but at London & Provincial Collie Club as long as our members keep supporting us we will put on the shows for you.


Finally I would just like to add that the current committee are all very enthusiastic about the club, they are always coming up with ideas about how to make the club better for its members. They make my job easy and very enjoyable.

Thank you committee.



Tony Foster.

Di Collino Hon. Secretary

London & Provincial Collie Club.







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