Show Judges 2015

21st February 2015: Open Show, Bletchingly Village Hall,RH1 4PA

Rough Collies: Mrs Sandy Blackmore (Magenta)
Smooth Collies: Mrs Pat Hutchinson (Karibuni)
Referee: Mr Bill Goddard 

30th August 2015: Open Show, Bradfield Village Hall, RG7 6EY

Rough Collies: Mr Adrian Milligan (Alfsden) 
Smooth Collies: Mrs Jan Milligan (Alfsden)
Referee: Mr Bill Goddard

22rd November 2015: Championship Show,  Ditton Community Centre, ME20 
Rough Collie Dogs (with CC's): Mr John J Walsh (Snr) (Joshren)
Rough Collie Bitches (with CC's): Mr Tony Foster (Jaysur)
Smooth Collies (with CC's): Mr Nick J Smith
                                                  (Subject to KC approval)
BIS/Referee: Mrs Jan Starkey (Jaystar)

Show Judges 2014

24th August 2014: Open Show, Bradfield Village Hall, RG7 6EY
Rough Collies: Sue Randall (Ladnar)
Smooth Collies: Christine Gillingham (Parkgrove)
Referee: Bill Goddard

23rd November 2014: Championship Show,  Ditton Community Centre, ME20 6AH
Rough Collie Dogs (with CC's): Rod Slater
Rough Collie Bitches (with CC's): Fern Sargeant (Coarhabeg)
Smooth Collies (no CC's): Cheryl Robinson (Dawcher)
BIS/Referee: Lisa Pettitt (Lakebank)

Show Judges 2013

25th August 2013: Open Show, Bradfield Village Hall RG7 6EY


Rough Collies: Mrs Jane Stevens (Lekoy)


Smooth Collies: Mrs Sue Bird (Bridus)


B.I.S/Referee: Mr Bill Goddard (Bludayle)


17th November 2013 Championship Show, The Haymill Centre SL1 6IZ


Rough Collie Dogs: (without CC's): Mrs Anita Stanley (Vonarkle)


Rough Collie Bitches: (without CCs): Mrs Daphne (Ileyda)


Smooth Collies: (with CCs): Mrs Stella Clark (Astrellita)


B.I.S./Referee: Mrs Pat Lister (Newarp)

Show Judges 2012

19th February 2012: Open Show, Navestock Village Hall

Rough Collie Dogs: Miss Delia Moores (Manordeifi)

Rough Collie Bitches: Miss Marianne Benton (Oakestelle)

Smooth Collies: Mrs Eleanor Oliver (Amberglen)

B.I.S/ Referee: Mrs Lyn Westby (Lowerpark)

26th August 2012: Open Show, Bradfield Village Hall

Rough Collie Dogs: Mrs Sue Malpas (Lanlin)

Rough Collie Bitches: Mr Roger Bathurst (Auldlyn)

Smooth Collies: Mrs Mary Bathurst (Auldlyn)

B.I.S/ Referee: Mrs Jane Margetts (Collingvale)

18th November 2012: Championship Show, The Haymill Centre SL1 6lZ

Rough Collie Dogs(with CCs): Mrs Janet James (Deanjan) 

Rough Collie Bitches: (with CCs): Mr Nick Smith

Smooth Collies(without ccs): Ms Ann French

B.I.S/ Referee: Mr Brian Hull (Lizmark)

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